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Welcome to the BASIC ABAYA Ambassadors Program

This program aims to support local influencers in the fashion industry, as they work with us to build their brand, receive free abayas, and promote BASIC ABAYA!

Who is eligible to be a part of the BASIC ABAYA Ambassadors Program?

Social media content creators and influencers that have personal accounts focused on modest fashion. Creators that make content in line with our BASIC ABAYA vision - to create stylish looks that are timeless and affordable. The creator must also also have more than 10,000 followers on either Instagram or TikTok!

What is required from you to be a part of the BASIC ABAYA Ambassadors Program?

  1. You will received 2 FREE abayas at the beginning of each month + 1 WELCOME BAG with BASIC goodies!
  2. You will need to create 2 Reels (1 for each abaya), and post those reels to your account tagging @BASICABAYA
  3. You will need to post 3 photo posts to your account tagging @BASICABAYA
  4. You will need to love your BASIC ABAYAS!

How can you make money?

  1. You will received a customized DISCOUNT CODE for 10% off our website
  2. Any sales that come from your DISCOUNT CODE, you will received 5% of that sale!

Join Us Today!

If you would like to be a part of our growing BASIC community by joining our BASIC ABAYA Ambassadors Program, fill in the form below:

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