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Explore our world of classic and trendy abayas all made with a fashion mindset, attention to detail and quality fabrics. Basic Abaya is proud to be the regions leading abaya brand, that offers every woman a custom abaya fashion experience at amazing rates!

Shop All is not just an online shopping site; it's an essential destination where timeless tradition meets contemporary design in women's attire. Unveiling a sophisticated collection of designer abayas, we honor the iconic dress that is the epitome of modesty and grace for women across the globe.


Originating from Dubai, a city renowned for its blend of rich cultural heritage and chic fashion trends, BasicAbaya introduces an outstanding range of abaya dresses that redefine modest fashion.

A distinctive quality of these abayas from Dubai is their perfect amalgamation of tradition and trendiness, subtly and stylishly represented in each design.


When browsing through BasicAbaya, the inspiring variety of abaya dresses on display is mesmerizing. There is an abaya for every woman, regardless of her individual style or aesthetic preference.

The website curates a thoughtful selection of both simple abaya designs and designer abayas, ensuring a fit for every occasion. Each abaya dress tells a story of its own, imbued with artistry and elegance that transcend fashion norms.


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